Hampshire v Dorset

Hampshire v Dorset

Hampshire V Dorset

On Tuesday 14th March at King Edwards secondary school, Hampshire and Dorset met for a friendly match. After many hours of training it gave the players a great opportunity to put their skills learnt into practice. In previous sessions the girls had been focusing on how to get free easily. This match gave them a great opportunity to display what they had learnt. Not only that, Hampshire had many new members and it was their first chance to represent their county. Hampshire had won first centre and the teams were desperate to get started. Supporters from both sides lined the court and the match commenced.

The match started with a competitive edge but Hampshire had a panicked  start resulting in many inaccurate balls being thrown. Defenders were man on and gaining many interceptions by keeping players high and wide. The teams were extremely well matched and the quarter ended seven all. Hampshire then played their second team and went into the lead during the second quarter.This was a result of great defending partnerships and attackers that were attempting to apply pressure throughout the court. Although Hampshire was leading it was still by very few goals and the pressure was on to maintain the lead. With few subs the Dorset girls were starting to get tired and this was when Hampshire widened the lead. Shooters gained confidence after scoring a couple of long range shots and the teamwork continued. Hampshire was fighting for every loose ball but needed to remain calm when it was in their possession. Also, reset options were available when the timing was out in attack.Part way through the evening the Hampshire teams played each other in order to give Dorset a rest. This was incredibly interesting and neither team wanted to lose against their own teammates. This match was interesting and ended as a draw. Towards the end of the evening the teams were using rolling subs. The evening finished on a high and the final score was 34:25 to Hampshire.


Hampshire County Academy dressed in red, back row left to right.  Chloe Hayward, Amber Blackman, Lauren Webster, Katie Barrow, Catherine White, Ciara Foley, Gabriel Moore, Zoe Henderson, Alice Wood, Emily Winzar.  Front Row, left to right.  Lucy Griffiths, Lauren Welsh, Emily Hammond, Maggie Pickersgill, Ella Chainey

Hampshire County Academy dressed in red

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