Other Playing Opportunities

Other Playing Opportunities


Hampshire Netball and England Netball are committed to increasing participation amongst females and want to work with colleges striving to achieve the same outcome. Our offer is a menu of programmes designed to enable colleges to pick and choose the programme(s) which best suits their student's needs. By offering a choice of programmes, students with different needs, motivations and commitment levels can be engaged in the type of netball that they wish to participate in. 

The programmes available are: 

  • Social Netball
  • Netball Now
  • College Netball Club
  • Intra-College Netball League

For those students wanting to access social competition, England Netball run one off local festivals known as The Netball Challenge Cup aimed at those students taking part in active college sessions. 


If you're heading into the world of work, don't let the change in lifestyle stop you playing sport. Netball is a great stress reliever and there is a huge netball community out there that you can continue to be a part of to fit around any lifestyle. As well as club netball, we have lots of flexible sessions on offer, such as Back to Netball and Netball Now.

Heading to University can be a daunting task and one which brings a number of new challenges, not least the opportunity to gain a degree and meet new people that will possibly become life long friends. Netball definitely does not stop when you are at university and there are a whole host of opportunities to get involved when you reach your chosen place of study.

As well as university teams, there are many other avenues to play netball and all of them offer something for all types of players, whether that is for fun or for competition.

For information on what is on offer read England Netball's Student Guide to Netball and have a look at the type of Netball that you think best suits you! 

Fast Net

Fast Net is an exciting, fast-paced game that is a relatively new form of netball, introduced in 2008 through the World Netball Series. This form of the game includes a number of innovative rule changes that have been introuced to the traditional game, in order to challenge the fitness, technical ability and tactical awareness of teams. For coaches, it provides an opportunity to try different strategies to maximise the opportunities presented by the game. 

Since its introduction further rule changes have been introduced at an international level resulting in a Fast5 variation which is not the format used in the World Netball Series. This version has only 5 positions on court and 3 different scoring zones. The Fast Net version is still fast and tactical but with more players on court it means more people can get involved! 


England Netball has recent annouced that they are introducing a fabulous new version of the sport, Nets! 

As part of the new format we can also confirm that England Netball has now merged with the Indoor Netball Association to be able to deliver the best possible product for our netball lovers across the country. 

The Indoor Netball Association (INA) is a voluntary organisation that has been promoting grassroots participation and managing teams representing England internationally. Over the last 18 months a close collaboration has formed between the INA and England Netball; this has already seen England Netball recognising Indoor Netball as a form of the game. 

Hampshire's closest Indoor Netball Location is: Play On, Wood Wharf, London. Tel 0207 515 0000



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