Officiating Courses

Officiating Courses

The Officials are the third team on court, without whom the game would not happen. England Netball supports it’s extensive playing programme with a fully developed officiating department offering assistance from grass roots up to the elite international level.

Officiating Courses and Mentoring support are available across the County and South Region. Both Beginner and C award courses are organised by the County Netball Associations whilst B award courses are organised regionally. 


Into Officiating Course

Aim: To introduce the rudiments of umpiring a netball match.


  • To have knowledge of basic rules of the game
  • To identify obvious infringements of the rules
  • To apply correct use of voice, whistle and terminology
  • To be aware of correct positioning
  • To keep an accurate scoreboard and call the score
  • To identify the requirements for the England Netball Into Officiating Award
  • Prepare candidates for assessement


Towards C Course

Aim: To prepare umpires with knowledge of the rules and umpire competencies to umpire at average adult club level.


  • Penalising correctly obvious infringements of the rules
  • Correct use of whistle, voice, hand signals and terminology
  • Positioning and movement on side line and goal line
  • Understanding when contact interferes with play
  • By widening vision beyond the ball
  • To identify the requirements for the FENA C Award to include competencies
  • To prepare candidates for assessment


If you are interested in becoming an umpire or match bench official contact your County Umpiring Secretary for further information:


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Carol Williams

Isle of Wight

Trevor George

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Towards C Officiating - Southampton

Towards C Officiating Course - Southampton. Dates: Saturday 16th November 2019 (was 17/11/2019) at Testlands (10am to 4pm) and Sunday 9th February 2020 (Oasis Academy)

Beginner Umpiring Courses (Into Officiating) - Basingstoke

Into Officiating Courses in Basingstoke - Sunday 1st March 2020