Performance Pathway

Performance Pathway

If you want to play netball for England it will take a great deal of hard physical work.  Being talented is not enough and only players with the right attitude to training and playing will make it to the top.

The Netball Performance Pathway is the England Netball process for developing and supporting athletes with the attributes to attain excellence.  The programmes within the pathway are focussed on developing athletes to reach their potential and form the foundations to enable England Netball to be the Number 1 team in the world.

These programmes provide performance-enhancing training for individuals, not for squads.  Competition is outside the Performance Pathway in clubs and school competition.

If you have any questions about the Regional Academy or generally on the Performance Pathway please contact the South Region's Performance Pathway Coach (PPC), Elly Moore at


Click for the May 2016 Report on the Netball South Satellite and County Academies Festival, from Elly Moore

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