Hampshire Leagues 

Hampshire Netball run Junior and Senior Leagues for teams across Hampshire. Success in Division 1 of the Senior league allows access to the South Region Division 3 Entry Tournament.


The HNA Open League, all teams have been emailed that are eligible to enter, closing date is Friday 6th July.

Should there  be more entries from leagues then there will be play off between those teams to make the 2nd division up to 8 teams



Local Leagues

Andover League: contact Fran Richards, Chairperson; League runs on THURSDAYS - www.andovernetball.co.uk

Basingstoke League: contact Cheryl Burn, Chairperson; League runs on MONDAYS AND TUESDAYS - www.basnetball.co.uk

Gosport and Fareham League: contact Leslie Bruton, Chairperson; League runs on MONDAYS and WEDS - www.gosport-fareham-netball.co.uk

Hants North: contact Barbara Mellish, Chairperson; League runs on SATURDAYS 

New Forest: contact Carol White, Chairperson; League runs on TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS - www.newforestnetballleague.com

Portsmouth: contact Annie Beams, Chairperson; League runs on TUESDAYS - www.portsmouthnetball.org.uk

Southampton: contact Mandy Gerrard, Chairperson; League runs on MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS AND SATURDAYS - www.southamptonnetball.co.uk

Wavell: contact Sharon Moher, Chairperson; League for seniors and juniors available - www.winl.co.uk



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